LIVE your dreams

About Us

Our Goals

At Prismal Labs, our goals are to securely archive your dreams and memories for use in at-home or in-office therapeutic sessions; To re-live your favorite memories, and to create new ones with people long passed.

Experience all of your great grandfathers memories in a night, talk to your loved ones again, re-live your most terrifying dream; we will guide you with a certified Prismal psychologist and highly suggest the first 5 sessions in our lab. CONTACT US for personalized advice.

Our Technology

Developing from a collective of modular-analog and digitally specialized audio engineers, psychologists, designers, and cognitive analysis experts. We were able to design a direct neural transmission and monitoring system, we are positioned Leaps ahead of gaming consoles, virtual reality, or mixed reality devices. We have no Ocular interfaces, so there will be no Rifts in your field of vision. There is no way to be more (VIVE)id than our technology. No Hololens projection involved. This is Ware things change.

By using a mathematically precise "Prismatic" algorithm to monitor neural activity and split directional traffic within the alpha, beta, delta, theta, and gamma wavelengths; we are able to map cognitive functions to the highest degree that has ever been possible.

With our patented bio-tethering technology, we are able to project to you what you want, as you want it. All in the comfort of your own home, while you sleep, and all without taking time out of your daily routines. 

Our beta API's

We are currently extending our technology from being a sleep based system, into being able to interact with the waking world as well. Our API's will be under a constant upgrade cycle and we will help support any custom user extensions which we are Swain are both lawful and secure.